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We’re here to answer any questions you may have about mill-direct upholstery, Otratex and leather.

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Some Details to consider

Please submit the Quote Request Form with the required information. We ask for this information for two reasons. 1) Price breaks are provided for the more yardage ordered. 2) Some projects have special pricing. We want to make sure that we are sending you the correct pricing for your project. Once we have this information we can email you back a quote.

How to Place an Order

When you are ready to place an order, please email us a Purchase Order (PO). You can email the PO to your project manager for processing. This would be the same person who sent you the quote. The purchase order should include the following information:

  • Project Name
  • Item being ordered (Fabric/Otratex Vinyl/Leather/Sheer name and color)
  • Yardage ordered
  • Sidemark
  • Specifier
  • CFA ship to information if required
  • Purchaser/Billing information
  • Shipping instructions, including address with contact name and phone number

If you do not have a purchase order, we can use a signed copy of the quote as a PO. The quote will need to include the item being ordered as well as the yardage with correct pricing indicated. Please email us the signed and dated quote and make sure to add shipping instructions. Your project manager can direct you further on this process if needed.

Once a PO is submitted a Sales Order will be emailed to you as confirmation the order was received and processed. Depending on terms a deposit payment may be required prior to production. Payment can only be accepted after the sales order is generated. We can send you an informational sheet on payment options. Please note that credit card payments can only be accepted for orders under $2,000 and if it is a non-program order.

Shipping Methods

Your freight forwarder – please provide contact information OR
FedEx – if you do not have a freight forwarder, please advise if you would like us to ship and have the shipping cost added to the final invoice.