VINYLIFE: Enhanced Biodegradable Luxury Vinyl
At Fil Doux Textiles, we are committed to creating the most environmentally-aware products we can. We are proud to begin offering VINYLIFE, a biodegradable vinyl that will change the hospitality industry forever. The unrivaled durability of PVC has made it the preferred vinyl material for hospitality use. Until now, the market lacked a biodegradable vinyl. But no longer. To create VINYLFE, we incorporated enzymes into the polymer DNA that react with microorganisms found in landfills, acting as the catalyst for its decomposition in 15 to 30 years. Microscopic pores make this groundbreaking vinyl breathable, allowing for temperature control and a soft hand.
VINYLIFE is a durable and sustainable option created for an industry that craves both requirements. “We have combined the best of PU and PVC to create a vinyl product that is both environmentally ethical and aesthetically inspiring,” founder Leo Novik explains. The Vinylife facility located in Chile, produces 80,000 meters of vinyl a day, allows for mill direct pricing, quality control, and 3-5 weeks lead time. 

We invite you to view our first ever VINYLIFE collection "PRESTIGE", and join us on our journey to always embrace beauty.

Specifications: Content:
Surface 100% VINYLIFE
Backing 100% Recycled Polyester
Width: 54"
Abrasion: 200,000+ DR
Flammability: NFPA 260
* Also Available with ASTM E84 Treatment
* Ink Protection Available